The Evergreen Childcare Center

Department of Cultural Affairs/ Los Angeles

completed 2008

“Internal Evergreen.” Department of Recreation and Parks Project. Completed March 2008. Proposal features a central luminous space in the children’s classroom area that references an evergreen tree. Excluded skylights were to function as a “green” element providing the community free natural lighting. Project as constructed, glass and metal track walls with silk leaves laminated in glass, woodgrain wallpaper, woodgrain laminated counter tops.

Escape doors on the LA Freeway


Night Light. Eight Illuminated Digital Films.122”X144” each. This project was created in    response to a call for window treatments for vacant buildings in the downtown area. In addition to showcasing some of the frequently overlooked architectural treasures of Los Angeles, this work functions as a nighttime safety feature by illuminating an adjacent bus stop. Los Angeles, CA. 1999.

Escape Doors on the LA  Freeway. (Highways 5N Sacramento & 10W Santa Monica). 15 panels- 77”x 47” ea. Digital prints of airline evacuation imagery slightly altered and installed on the freeway. Los Angeles, CA. 2001.

Snoozing on the Sunset Strip. Digital print on adhesive mylar. Mobil artwork exploring aging, social status, and youth culture mores. Hood Gallery, Los Angeles, CA  2003.


Downtown Delight.

A series of 12 postcards promoting awareness of downtown Los Angeles. Architectural details from buildings in the Central Business District of Historic Downtown.


Foundation for Art Resources. Up close and Far Away:  Process and Perspective. 17'x 23' each window. Project with artist Stacy Henning. This window features a number of interior periscopes which offer a series of unexpected reflected views. Los Angeles, CA. 1996.

Navigating the LA River in a Cardboard Canoe embracing our Riparian heritage. 2000.