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I am an artist who is interested in the relationship of individuals to their immediate environment and to the larger physical and political landscape. As a result, I intensely observe and record the world around me. I have been interested in non-official and overlooked public spaces for as long as I can remember. I have found myself drawn to the creation of art, both sanctioned and unsanctioned, in public spaces and to the execution of semi-performative acts as a way to understand and interact with how we live and how we experience the world. I respond to these “unseen” spaces- such as areas alongside the freeway and objects on the landscape like weep holes and service maintenance doors- through a process of investigation with the intent to reintroduce and activate this territory (either literally and/or metaphorically). These spaces, I believe are inherently political as their existence highlights systems of value, regulation, and use. My list of fantasy public works of art includes a proposal for a room built off of a freeway exit door, a roller skating adventure under a freeway overpass, and a series of paintings describing our relationship to water around weep holes in the freeway barrier walls from downtown LA to the ocean.

In an effort to mediate empathy though humor, my work often deals with escapist themes and imagery and frequently employs a tension between tragic and comedic elements. Central to the work is my relationship with consumer culture which compels me to address my relationship to it. Frequently whimsical and filled with playful imagery, my work often reveals a sharp edge at it encounters more complex societal issues, such as aging, alienation, homelessness, and environmental concerns.

I strive to make work that is meaningful to myself and to others. As a goal,

I hope to inspire others to participate in the cultural dialog.

Elizabeth Wild 2009